About us

Acetec stands for air, climate and energy technology.

Our business includes development and production of products for air, climate, and energy technology such as dehumidifies, and heat recovery ventilation units that fully meet the strictest demands for quality and environmental awareness on the market, with industry experience dating from 1988.

We produce primarily dehumidifiers and heat recovery ventilation units.

Our dehumidifiers and heat recovery ventilation units are made in Sweden, with production in Älvsbyn. We have significant experience having made more than 15,000 units. Modern and flexible production equipment ensures efficient production and high quality.

Our goal is to always deliver products and services that meet and exceed the requirements, demands, and expectations of the market.


Acetec AB
CEO: Henrik Oskarsson
Develops and manufactures desiccant dehumidifiers and heat recovery units

Acetec Service AB
CEO: Henrik Oskarsson
Installs and services desiccant dehumidifiers

Acetec Fastigheter AB
CEO: Henrik Oskarsson
Management of real estate 


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