EvoAir A100S Heat recovery ventilation unit

Our most sold unit for residential use, customized for installation in the attic. Built for residential housing up to 180m².

The EvoAir A100S ventilation unit is designed with the latest technology to provide high humidity and low running costs. Built for ventilation of residential and other smaller premises. This includes offices, day care centres, workshops and similar. The ventilation unit has a built-in rotary heat exchanger (thermal wheel) with up to 89% efficiency and EC fans for the lowest energy consumption.

These are best placed in an attic, storage area, or similar. Complete and user-friendly controls on a separate control panel. The ventilation unit is delivered for quick and easy installation since the heating coil and sensors are built into the unit, ready for start-up with a plug or connector sleeve.


Item number30101
Ahlsell item no.6610190
EAN code7350072461203
Warranty5 year
Kanalanslutning, mm4x160
Fusing, A, Slow1x230V, 10A
Effect electric coil (W)330 - 1330
Effect electric fan (W)2x96
Dimensions (mm)670x515x470
Weight, kg47.00 kg



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