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Attic dehumidifiers for cold spaces

Attic dehumidifiers for cold spaces

A dehumidifier from Acetec solves your problem if you have moisture and black mold on your attic. The cause of moisture and mold on the attic is usually due to the fact that moisture saturated air condenses against cold surfaces such as shingles and roof trusses, and in turn can form black mold in the wind.

Dehumidifier on attic

When you have a dehumidifier on your attic, it is important that you choose a dehumidifier of the type of desiccant dehumidifier, which can dehumidify when it is minus degrees.

A condensation dehumidifier does not work below +15 degrees Celsius.

Install desiccant dehumidifier - 4 steps

It is very easy to install a dehumidifier. Below we explain how to easily install a dehumidifier on cold wind in just 4 steps:

  1. Begin by sealing the attic carefully. You can easily see if your attic is dense during the day when sunlight penetrates gaps.
  2. Try to make the attic as tight as you can. This means that the dehumidifier does not have to work as hard and in turn does not draw as much energy.
  3. Install the dehumidifier in one end and then pull out hoses to the other end. Stop with the hoses about 1.5 m from the end.
  4. Then pull out the wet gas hose through the gable side where the dehumidifier is located.
    Then mount the supplied control panel in a space that you have easy access to, and then pull up the modular cable to the dehumidifier.

Need help choosing dehumidifier?

Feel free to use our guide to choose the dehumidifier that suits your needs. Or contact us for more information.

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