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Loft dehumidifiers

Loft dehumidifiers

A loft dehumidifier solves the problem of damp and mould on tongue and groove boards in an unheated loft. Damp in your loft is caused by damp air condensing on cold surfaces as well as tongue and groove boards and this can then turn into mould.

Loft dehumidifiers are usually sorption dehumidifiers
It’s important that you choose a sorption dehumidifier as you will need to be able to dehumidify when the temperature is below zero. A condensing dehumidifier will not work at less then 15°c.

Installing a dehumidifier

Installing a dehumidifier is very simple. Follow the steps below.

Start by carefully sealing the loft. You can easily tell if your loft is sealed during the day if sunlight comes through any gaps. Try to seal the loft as best you can. This saves the dehumidifier from having to work too hard and that means it uses less energy.
Install the dehumidifier in one gable and then pull the pipe out towards the other gable. Stop when the pipe gets to around 1.5m from the gable.
Then take the natural liquid gas pipe out through the gable side where the dehumidifier is.
Then install the accompanying control panel in a space that you can easily reach and take the modular cable up to the loft dehumidifier.