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Acetec EvoCloud allows you to control your Pro Series ventilation unit and dehumidifier through any web browser, regardless of whether you use a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

In order for you to use EvoCloud you need to have a ventilation unit or dehumidifier with EvoControl control.

Connecting your ventilation unit or Pro dehumidifier to EvoCloud is free!

Possibilities with EvoCloud?

EvoCloud gives you an overview of your ventilation unit or Pro dehumidifier, quickly and simply. Depending on your subscription, you can adjust all your settings the same way as on your control panel.

Possibilities for consumers

  • Change operation mode and temperature.
  • Programme the timer.
  • Register support issues.
  • See time until next service.

Examples of possibilities for installation companies

  • Create groups of multiple units, e.g. for a housing cooperative.
  • Remote control of customer units. Why visit the customer when you can you arrange it from the office?
  • Offer your customers the option of monitoring and servicing their ventilation unit or dehumidifier.
  • See all values logged in real time.
  • See where all your and your customers’ ventilation units or dehumidifiers are installed on a map.

Examples of possibilities for housing cooperatives

  • Monitor and adjust all the association’s ventilation units or dehumidifiers.
  • See when service and filter replacements are scheduled well in advance.
  • Report support issues.

If you already own a ventilation unit with EvoControl, you can register your product here and you will get access to EvoCloud. After you register your product, it normally takes 1 business day before you have access to EvoCloud. You can register HERE