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Valid as of 2011-01-01

As a consumer that deals with Acetec AB, you are covered by the Consumer Purchase Act, the Consumer Services Act and the Distance Contract Act.

Acetec AB's General Terms of Sale for Consumers apply from the above date and supersede all of Acetec AB's previous publication of the terms of sale. The products presented on Acetec AB's website constitute Acetec AB's regular product range. In the event of a difference between terms, product information or prices quoted on Acetec AB's website and in other publications, such as the catalog, the information on the website is applicable.

For corporate customers, the same terms of sale apply as Acetec AB, with the exception of price and payment in which Acetec AB's terms apply.
Price and Payment
The prices of Acetec AB's website are updated in real time and are shown including VAT. Prices are quoted in Swedish kronor and shipping and any billing fee will be added to each order as shown below.

Acetec AB is entitled to change quoted prices on website and other publications without prior notice. Between Acetec AB and customer, the agreed price is valid unless otherwise agreed. Sales are made against credit cards issued in Sweden or advance payment. As a customer, you can also choose payment by invoice or installment / account, which Acetec AB is doing in cooperation with Klarna (formerly Creditors), which then is responsible for credit assessment, notification and payment receipt. Payment terms 14 days. In the case of late payment, a reminder fee will be charged with the amount allowed by law f.n. 50 SEK plus interest on late payment with 24% + current reference rate. Ordinary credit check without a copy of a copy takes place and delivery is only made to registered post.
Sales can not be made to an authorized or a customer under 18 years.
When ordering, a receipt confirmation is sent as "Thank you for your order" by e-mail. This mail is information about the content of the order. When the order is dispatched from Acetec AB's warehouse, the Customer will receive notification via e-mail that the order is on its way.

In the event of manifest errors such as declaration of error or similar, regarding the price or product information contained in the acknowledgment of receipt or invoice, Acetec AB is entitled to correct such price or information upon which a new acknowledgment of receipt and invoice is sent. Customer is entitled to cancel their order free of charge if the corrections are not accepted.
Shipping will be added to smaller orders. The total shipping cost is calculated at checkout (Payment page).
Orders, on products in stock, received before 14.00 are usually processed the same day. Order Confirmation will be sent by e-mail only and then to the address you specified on the order.

Delivery time specified for 1-2 days in the online store means that Acetec AB can usually ship the item 1 days after ordering. Stock status "Out of stock" means the product may have a longer delivery time.

Your order will be shipped to the nearest delivery point if the package weighs less than 20 kg. Packages with a weight of between 20 and 35 kg are left at the post terminal or at the car park. Pallets or goods weighing over 35 kg are left on the tailgate terminal.

Acetec AB stands for the risk of the goods until the goods are delivered to the customer.
Change of order
You are free to change your order until the package is packed with Acetec AB. Change can be made by telephone to customer service on 0775-15 14 10 or by e-mail: order@acetec.se. After your order has been packaged, changes can not be made.
As a customer, you can cancel your order without charge until the shipment is available for pickup at your post office / delivery point. Cancellation must be notified to Acetec AB by e-mail to (order@acetec.se).
Unsorted shipment
For consignments that are not redeemed and not canceled but returned to Acetec AB, a fee will be charged for the date of delivery. 300 SEK including VAT to cover Acetec AB's transportation and administration costs.
The warranty period differs between different products, this is specified in the product information. Warranty issues are handled differently depending on the nature of the product. In some cases, warranty issues are handled by the manufacturer or by this authorized workshop. In other cases, the warranty cases of Acetec AB are handled directly. Please contact us for warranty information about the product you are interested in before purchasing if you are unsure.
Konsument (privatperson) right of cancellation on distance contracts
Consumers have, in a manner such as the Consumer Protection Act (2005: 59) on distance contracts and home sales agreements, specified in certain cases the right to withdraw a purchase by leaving or sending a notice to Acetec AB within 14 days (or, if applicable, within 7 days working days) from the date the consumer received the goods or a substantial part thereof. Seal also refers to technical sealing (eg serial number). Right of withdrawal is valid only if the item is in essence.