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Warranty AG20



The warranty covers Acetec products

Dehumidifiers 3 year carry in warranty, 2 years on wear parts *1, * 3
Air Purifiers 3 year carry in warranty, 2 years on wear parts *1
Ozone Generators 3 year carry in warranty, 2 years on wear parts *1
Air Handling Units 5 years warranty (2 years work and material warranty + 3 years material warranty)
Other Products Acetec provides the same warranty as the supplier of the purchased product (cooker hoods, water batteries, etc.) or two years, whichever is longer.
  1. Warranty applies from date of purchase.
  2. When invoking a guarantee, the purchase date and serial number of the product must be able to be presented and delivered to Acetec at no cost.

Warranty does not apply to or for:

  1. Wear parts are covered by a 2-year warranty. Wear parts: Drive belts, seals, bearings.
  2. Components such as filters that can be regarded as consumables during the normal life cycle of the product.
  3. Malfunctions caused by incorrect handling, incorrect voltage, incorrect current type, incorrect connection, lightning strike, external damage, moisture damage
  4. Transport damage. Transport damage must be reported directly to the transport company by the recipient.
  5. Errors due to improper installation, handling, maintenance, repair or storage that deviate from our instructions or contravene industry practice.
  6. Faults caused by users, installation plant or environment where the product is used.
  7. Normal wear or aesthetic failure that does not affect function and performance.
  8. Errors caused by un-adjusted operating settings that are important for functionality.

Warranty repairs included during years 1 and 2 *2

  1. During repair, personnel must be given the required time and free access to the product.
  2. Warranty repairs are provided by our staff or our authorized service personnel.
  3. Customers of repair must supply contact information to our staff at the workplace.
  4. Warranty repairs may be billed to the customer if repairs are shown not to fall within the scope of these warranty conditions or if the required time and free access to the product is not granted.

Limitation of Liability

Warranty is limited to the necessary measures at reasonable costs that have been approved in advance by Acetec.
Acetec is not responsible for costs incurred as a result of disassembly, installation or transport of the product.
Acetec is not responsible for third party costs such as additional costs in the event of damage, operating disruptions
or increased operating costs.
Acetec is not responsible for indirect costs, consequential costs or consequential damages, including production costs.
interruption, loss of turnover, loss of profits, personal injury or property damage.

* 1 Carry In guarantee means that the customer submits the product for repair. Acetec stands for shipping and return shipping

* 2 Applies to air handling units

* 3 PDX400 has a 2-year warranty