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3-year warranty

The 3-year warranty applies to Acetec EvoDry 6H, PD, RD and the Pro series.

It does not apply to PDX400 which has a 2-year warranty.

Warranty terms and conditions, Acetec dehumidifiers


  1. These warranty terms and conditions apply to Acetec dehumidifiers in Sweden.
  2. The warranty applies from the date of purchase.
  3. When invoking the warranty, the product’s date of purchase and serial number must be shown and delivered to Acetec at no cost.
  4. The product’s total warranty period is 3 years from the purchase date. 


The warranty does not apply in the following cases.

  1. Damage in transit The consignee shall notify the forwarding agent directly of any transit damage.
  2. Faults resulting from incorrect installation, handling, maintenance, repairs or storage that deviates from our instructions or conflicts with industry practice.
  3. Components such as filters, drive belts, seals, etc. that are exposed to normal wear and tear and are considered to be consumables during the product’s normal life cycle.
  4. Damage or faults that can arise due to lightning strikes, overvoltage, fire, water damage, etc, which are considered to constitute force majeure.
  5. Faults caused by the user, installation facility or environment where the product is used.
  6. Normal wear and tear and aesthetic deterioration that does not affect function and performance.
  7. Faults caused by uncalibrated operating settings that are important for functionality

Warranty repairs

  1. With warranty repairs, dehumidifiers should be sent to our plant for repair. If agreed otherwise, i.e. if they are repaired on site at the customer, items 2 to 5 below apply. The costs of repairs performed on-site at the customer are additional.
  2. During repairs, the personnel shall be given sufficient time and unrestricted access to the product.
  3. Warranty repairs are provided by our personnel or service personnel approved by us.
  4. The party ordering the repairs shall supply the contact details of the workplace to our personnel.
  5. The party ordering the repairs will be invoiced if the repairs are shown to fall outside the framework of these warranty conditions or if sufficient time and unrestricted access to the product is not given.

Limitation of liability

The warranty is limited to necessary measures at reasonable costs that are approved in advance by Acetec.
Acetec will not be held liable for costs resulting from the dismantling, installation or transport of the product.
Acetec will not be held liable for costs such as additional costs arising from damage, operation disruptions or increased operating costs.
Acetec will not be held liable for indirect costs, follow-up costs or subsequent costs including production disruptions,
loss of business, loss of profit, injury or property damage.