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EvoAir R series


The EvoAir R series consists of five air handling units with airflow up to approx. 750l/s. The series meets high demands on function, energy use and the environment.

A complete air handling unit with integrated control, rotating heat exchanger, direct-driven EC fans and efficient filters with a high filter class.

Recovers both heat and cooling energy up to 87% with steplessly regulated rotating heat exchanger. Energy-efficient operation through optimized direct-drive EC fans and low internal pressure drops.

Unique installation possibilities through innovative construction provide maximum flexibility for duct connection.

Adapted accessories increase the functionality and range of use of the unit series, which can contribute to reduced energy use and environmental impact.

The R-series, an innovation in installation technology

The innovative design of the unit provides a variety of connection variants.

Supply, from, outside and extract air each have two connections.

You can, for example, use two connections for exhaust air by using both exhaust air nozzles. However, supply air can only be connected to a pipe, as the duct battery can only be connected to a supply air duct.

The same unit can therefore be top-connected, side-connected or L-connected.
An example is that only exhaust air is connected at the top and other ducts are connected at the side.

The connections that are not used are covered with the supplied cover.

Top connection Side connection L connection
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  • Total: 5